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(Open rp. Be her, I'm the cursed prince.) " Y/N! Look, look, I'm a dragon!" I cheered, running around the outside of our shared castle, only... I wasn't human... I was a deep red dragon with glowing gold eyes. " Come out here!" I shout, tail swinging behind me. (Credit to @cfcsquare )

Ah! Come-on now! I believe in gods, goddesses (especially), faeries, elves, pixies, brownies, Santa Claus, Mother Earth, Puff the Magic Dragon, Paul Bunyan, the Green Man, Robin Goodfellow and, and . . . . . . oh, yes! Hobbits. I believe in Hobbits.

The creatures of Grimm in RWBY are so dang pretty. That herd of griffons was just, wow, I wanted one as a pet!

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Prince 'secretly dating British singer-songwriter Delilah'

From protege to lover? Delilah is reportedly dating American singing legend Prince