""Circassienne": it is composed of an undervest with long, very tight sleeves, and a gown or overcoat pulled up behind on the sides and in back; very short sleeves, cut like the mouth of a canon, from which the undervest's sleeves seem to come; a Muslim petticoat,* the waist of which is hidden under the undervest and which reaches below the ankle on two sides, it is the last piece in the composition of the Circassienne." 1778

Recreation of Marie Antoinette's court gown (Robe de cour) as painted by Vigee LeBrun in 1779. By Atelier Caraco Canezou for an exhibition in Japan

marie antoinette

Dress and Petticoat (Robe a la Polonaise) Spain; Textile: Silk, France, circa 1775. LACMA

When France joined forces with the American revolutionaries, Marie Antoinette showed her support by wearing a pouf a la Belle Poule: an intricate hairdo displaying a French frigate that won a key victory against the British in June 1778.

Robe à la Française

Robe à la française, manteau de robe et jupe, France, vers 1760

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18th century dress. This amazing red and gold brocade open robe was made in Italy between 1725 and 1750.

Date: 1859 Culture: American Medium: silk Dimensions: (a) Length at CB: 15 1/2 in. (39.4 cm) (b) Length: 43 in. (109.2 cm)

Robe ayant appartenu à Marie-Antoinette

Robe à la Française - Date: ca. 1765

Rear view of Robe a la Polonaise, 1780, cream linen, gold embroidery, metal. (c) metropolitan museum of art

La robe à la polonaise. Cette robe fut très en vogue entre 1776 et 1787. C'est une variante de la robe à la française.

Sleeve detail of a Robe à l'Anglaise, 1770–75

Amazing polychrome embroidered cotton gauze skirt from the french Empire period, consisting in two never used panels . The border panels still have traces of the frame. The cotton gauze with an amazing transparency, has never been washed and is still rigide. Beautiful embroidery with silk thread and chain stitch, wavygarlands of polychrome creepers. The colors are still bright and in shade of light celadon to dark green, navy blue to sky blue, and light tan to dark brown.

Robe à l'Anglaise, the bodice laced in the back, the skirt is tucked up,* the sleeves of a color different from that of the Gown, the whole edged with a very narrow ribbon of any desired color. (1784). A Most Beguiling Accomplishment: Galerie des Modes

Dress (Robe à la Française)

Pink Danish mantua 1778

Bakc view, Robe à la francaise, France, c. 1775. Brocaded pink and cream striped silk with flower sprays.

Robe à la Française