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  • Taisha Hayes

    MUSCLE USES 20%LESS Space Than FAT + BURNS CALORIES While We REST - STRENGTH Training Gives YOU POWER To CONTROL HEALTH :o) Taisha LOST Over 130lbs: Visit for More Motivation & Tips!

  • Madeline Wipperman

    People always ask what the secrets are to weight loss, to looking good, to pushing yourself, to motivation, all of it. Usually I’ll just tell you there aren’t any tricks. But I have come to this conclusion… Never work out to lose weight or look good. Even being healthy, for me, is almost secondary. All you ever have is the second you’re living in. The “future” is essentially non-existent. For those of you who don’t buy that, you can at least buy this - it’s definitely not guaranteed. Do everything for the sake of doing it in that moment. Push yourself not because you want to build muscle, not to lose weight, that’s not worth it in that moment (who knows if we have the next) and it’s certainly not going to happen in the moment. Do everything because it feels amazing. Because it’s a mental challenge. Because it makes you a better, stronger person, mentally and physically. Working out has actually become a spiritual experience for me in a sense. The connection you are forced to achieve between the mind and body when you damn near kill yourself working your body gives you something that has more value than looking good or feeling strong. When we’re 80 years old, we aren’t going to look like we do now. But everything will still count (even more than just being healthier than other 80 year olds) because it shaped “who we are” in a sense. Anyway. Enough of my rambling about pseudo-deep BS workout philosophy, haha. I hope this helps at least one person who reads it.

  • kirsty reid

    Fitness Motivation

  • Tiffany Bush

    Motivation to help get rid of the fat...Every heard the saying muscle weighs more than fat? Well heres a visual image to put things into perspective. Still disappointed?Do You Even

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