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packing to move...torn about taking my vinyl with me, should be letting go---but trying to hang on.....

Also, I would like my studio to have a collection of gramophone records. I really love them and hear them. They have a magic, old essence

Soundwagon - Novelty Portable Record Player - officially licensed by volkswagon.

John Lennon : Mira el comercial que hizo para Tower Records en 1973 ( presiona en la foto y escucha )

Fisher Price Record Player. Originally introduced in 1971. I had one as a kid. It was one of my most cherished childhood possessions.

It would be so cool to put on a record of your favorite song and let it draw. Then you could frame it and hang it on your wall and when people ask what it is you can say it's your favorite song.


QUESTION: what is your favorite record of all time?

I definitely had one of these phones.