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Goodbye Derek Shepherd. Umm for him to survive a plane crash and a shooting and so forth and to die this way. No, pathetic and wrong.

I'm actually not a huge fan of this song, just not my style. However, when I sang it in my head and looked at these picture I almost cried. It's so true for Derek and it made me feel happy and really sad at the same time.

A Nurse is removing everything on Derek as Meredith watch

Take a look back at Grey's Anatomy's goodbye to Patrick Dempsey's Dr. Derek Shepherd, who died in the April 23 episode

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Derek: Oh, have you seen my wife and baby? Owen: Wait, Meredith is here? Meredith: Crap, I meant to text you. Derek: I woke up to nothing and nobody. Bailey: The woman is wearing mismatched shoes, cut her some slack.

Zola and Bailey

'Grey's Anatomy' Episode Photos: Everyone Learns About Derek's Death