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Why More Games Should Be Like Dark Souls

Dark souls

Dark Souls - Dragon Slayer Ornstein ((who's actually still alive in dark souls 2!!!))

Welcome to Dark Souls

When Call of Duty players try out Dark Souls

Dark Souls - Well, do you?

dark souls ornstein | Dark Souls: The 4 Knights of Gwyn from Illustrations by Donna B. on ...

dark souls

Dark Souls Comic

Dark Souls Office

Your Darn right!! I've saved the world more times than I can count....... Your Welcome!

Dark Souls

Ohhhhh Dark Souls

XD he forgot how to dragon

This is Dark Souls.

XD oh dark souls

Dark Souls Funny | Dark Souls will stretch your asshole this big Dark Souls demons

Funniest thing ever XD especially the Frieza one.

Yes... Dark Souls is probably- no DEFINITELY the hardest game I have ever played

Dark Souls

The evolution of Video game graphics: This is truly beautiful. To see how far video games have gone, and their progression is breathtaking. <3