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    Why More Games Should Be Like Dark Souls

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    • The Grey Mafia

      Every time I play a new video game I cant help but think about this. Find Crazy stuff to Pin here:

    • The Grey Mafia

      Action Games vs. Dark Souls Find Funny stuff to Pin here:

    • Eco Target

      Action Games vs. Dark Souls -

    • Stacy Hager

      Regular Games vs. Dark Souls Like, Repin, Comment if you like ;)

    • Future

      Action Games Vs. Dark Souls is a new comic by George Alexopolus

    • Glenn Skinner

      Regular Games vs. Dark Souls. Yeah it's so true

    • Ajit Vincent

      The Difference between #Darksouls & other RPGs

    • Grave Emerson

      Regular Games vs. Dark Souls - Joindarkside

    • kieran Borg

      Ha Ha Regular Games vs. Dark Souls

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    XD he forgot how to dragon

    I love that they have Mario in the background. But let's think.. Minecraft is an even better example. :P just sayin. Love them both though. Gonna go play games now.

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