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Congrats to Devon on losing 55 pounds! "I hit many plateaus and had to learn to listen to my body to adjust workouts and diet as necessary. Something I used to dread so much is now something I thoroughly enjoy."

Need some motivation? Elizabeth Thackery lost 110 pounds in 2013 with the help of Zumba Fitness at Sport&Health. (And she's now an instructor for us at North Frederick Sport&Health!) And best of all, she got our VP of Fitness, Mitch Batkin, to join in the Zumba fun on live TV at the Fox 5 studios. Find more member success stories at

Kit, a Sport&Health member (and breast cancer survivor!), has lost 40 pounds with the help of her personal trainer, Nathalie. Way to go, Kit!

I started my weightloss journey in June 2012 with eating clean, drinking only water and exercising every day for about 10 minutes. I was jumping rope and 10 min was all I could do at my HW. After about two weeks I started increasing the time of my workouts and by the end of August I was skipping for about 40 minutes a day. By the end of September I lost about ... (continue)

Lucinda lost 40 pounds with group fitness classes at Sport&Health, and later became a group fitness instructor herself! She was also selected to participate in an international infomercial for Les Mills BodyCombat!

Wedding-ready and beyond! Meghan tried personal training to get ready for her big day. "Little did I know that that was just the start of my time with my personal trainer, Sevil. She has always had big plans for me and has been my number one fan!"

Cesar lost 79 pounds, which led to not only being "in the best shape of his life," but also to making a career change - from a realtor to a personal trainer at Reston Sport&Health!