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Dark Room - Directed by Bart Wasem Microfilm (02:55) Flat isn’t flat is flat! What?! This short film was inspired by a tricky visual idea. (13)

Ponders End (04:15) Directed by Kieron Clark Peter, a retired widower, struggles to adapt when he finds himself sharing his house with a young hipster couple. A short film about love, property and death in suburbia.

Lifted (04:40) Directed by Lin Oeding This short film focuses on the most important connections we make in life and the lasting power of creativity.

Paradigm (04:30) Directed by Stephen Boyer A short narrative film about two children using their combined memories to rationalize the actions of their parents.

Blood Red (04:15) Directed by George Hooker "Rouge Sang", a short film about a spooky hotel.

Brainstorm (03:00) Directed by Sheldon Schwartz A short film about taking chances and making the most of every opportunity.

Sandbox (02:15) Directed by Daniel Carberry “Sandbox” is an action short film that opens on five exhausted lost soldiers staggering through the bleak desert, when suddenly out of nowhere, they come under attack by an enemy they were never prepared for. Through the chaos, we learn the true nature of their mission, which is something unimaginable. Through the chaos, we learn the true nature of their mission, which is something unimaginable.

The Untitled Short (03:10) Directed by Choi & Mohit Two hired guns, make a mistake.

Grace (02:10) Directed by Evan Silver "Grace" is a short film that centers on a modern, wealthy family, who at first glance seems to be living the perfect life. But as they begin a silent prayer, the harsh truths silently lurking underneath their flawless exteriors are exposed.

Roshambo (03:25) Directed by Guy Aroch & Jonathan Doe A touring band member and his bohemian beaut are unexpectedly reunited on a Brooklyn street and share a short time together in the city’s boroughs. What begins with sharing a coffee and a game of roshambo leads the lovers on a whirlwind romance.