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Loving. This may go hand in and hand with being compassionate but I think it is important as a teacher to look at your students as if they were your children. We are their care-takers as well as their teachers for those 8 hours of the day. We also want them to succeed, learn, and have fun- just like their own mothers would want them to.

Compassionate. Every and any teacher needs to be compassionate. Our kids may have a rough home life, may be struggling to fit in, or may not be doing well with school. This is where we step in. We can be the rock they need and a support system for them. With struggling readers we help them to realize they are capable. They have the ability to improve and they WILL! By being compassionate we will be there for them every step of the way in that improvement.

Fun. Classrooms are a place of many memories. When I revisit my old classrooms I always remember all of the fun activities and talks we had. I want to be a teacher who can channel her inner-child and connect with her students to have FUN!

Excited. What was better in school than having a teacher that LOVED being there? My third grade teacher, Mrs. Mack, was a true Ms. Frizzle. She always had the biggest smile and the greatest activities for us to do. Her excitement rubbed off on every student and made us that more motivated to come in and WANT to learn

Understanding. A teacher needs to be open-minded and willing to work with students when things might not be going smoothly. We need to be understanding when students may need more time, more help, more room for creativity. I would be inspired if I had a student answer a question like John Lennon had.

Reader. A teacher needs to be a reader (especially of young adult literature)! This way they can talk about their reading to their students and connect with students over their love for reading and inspire those who are not already book-lovers!

Because when all is said and done, I'd rather fail at something I love than to succeed at something I hate.