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Pest Control Houston

There is a fine line between numerator and denominator. Only a fraction of people will get the joke. #nerdlife

The Hardest Game Of "F#@K, Marry, Kill" For Anyone Who Loves Food, Alcohol, And Hot Men

The Hardest Game Of

Can We Guess Your Age Using A Method That Only Makes Sense To Us?

Shhhhh, don't think too much about it. Just answer the questions and then tell us whether or not we got it right...

Just bumped into mannequin & said "Sorry". Then said "Oh I thought you were a person". Then realized I was still speaking to a mannequin

LMAO!!: These Drake “Hotline Bling” Memes Are To Funny To Pass Up (Pics)

I got the beard, the shirt, the jacket, and the Timbs. Time to Drake out.