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This horses color is rare & incredible

: Mustang with rare AAA special leopard complex gene. I wonder if this is also called a reverse dapple pattern.

Roan: Blue Roan.  Good example of a TRUE blue roan.  Note the Solid-colored head, legs, mane, and tail, and a *uniform* mixture of white and dark hairs over the body.  Grey horses are often called "blue roan" to increase value.  Greys will always have light smudges on the face and uneven/dappled/fleabitten body colors. I will take 2

The name comes from the ancient Roman province of Noricum (Austria today) where it was originally bred. They are a medium-heavy draft breed. This beautiful blue roan variant with the always dark/black head is called 'Mohrenkopf'.

Nightingales Monarch (Maluti Freckles x Maluti Toby’s Sundowner)

thehungryeye: “ showgirlglitz: “ Nightingales Monarch (Maluti Freckles x Maluti Toby’s Sundowner) ” Once in a lifetime there comes along - a coat like that is never going to happen again.