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Pictures From Lauren Bush & David Lauren’s Western Wedding

Summer Hair: Keep Your Cool with These Updos ...

Summer Hair: Keep Your Cool with These Updos ...

Headband Top Knot: Start with curled hair or strands with texture (try sea salt spray to add a 'lil oomph). Place a no-slip headband just off hairline. Tease at the roots for volume before tying in a high pony.

Zero Instructions anywhere, but still a fab idea.     How to Hair Wrap - The Beauty Thesis

How to Hair Wrap

Summertime Hair Wraps~Love these! I love wraps when my hair doesn't cooperate. I usually use them in the summer.

no i did not know how to french braid ---- it's actually a four strand braid!

How to Make a 4 Stranded Braid Weave via duitang But I don't think this would work on my hair, I need longer hair. Someone with long hair try it out!

how to make a fish bone braid

How-to Fish Tail Braid: I really wanna learn how to do this because i am hopeless with hair.