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You might be a liberal if...

The Republicans fought long n hard, for equality n justice for African Americans! Not the Democrats! Watch "Hillarys America" u will be blown away!

I quit watching, and using the sponsors products advertised by these teams, in protest of the Ungrateful nfl.

I've known how to spell 'fascism' since I was nine years old. This snowflake has no excuse whatsoever.

And yet conservatives on school boards are the ones rewriting textbooks to include outright lies and fabrications. "Liberalism/Progressivism promotes tyranny by dumbing down the populace and encouraging reliance on an all-powerful government.

Little girl, welcome to the party of selfish adults who don't know any better than you.

Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, limited government, individual liberty, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

F-Muslims! And we bring these parasites into our COUNTRY? The day will come, there already breeding.

Go back to your dung hole country. Oh, that's right, they would sew your mouth shut after they raped you forty times.