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    • Janice Hartley

      "My dog winks at me sometimes..." [source: Bits of Truth... all quotes .0489] 'h4d' 120801

    • Sondra D

      I love it when my Dog winks at me...It's like she's saying: "I know your secrets, and I'm not telling!"

    • Huxtable Poodle Samoht

      ;) lol, this is so funny my dog winks at me sometimes too.... maybe all dogs do this

    • Gaby A

      hahah this made me laugh. my dog winks all the time and I think it's super creepy.

    • Stacey

      My dog winks at me sometimes. I always wink back in case it's some sort of code.

    • Susan P. Cohen

      Dogs are the Ronald Reagans of the animal world: Great Communicators.

    • Cheyenne Uncapher

      So true. I do wink back everytime my dogs wink at me. lol :)

    • Ginnie Creek

      It's actually my Mom's dog and sometimes she smiles...

    • Ashlee Lensmyer

      ;) I love my dog! This made me giggle...

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    True. So true.


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    hahah :)


    Read it. Now. #dogs #funny


    :) dog

    Tell 'em.

    Dog Lover Bone-Pendant Necklace by Dogeared at Neiman Marcus. Nicely done. #dog #jewelry

    Totally laughed out loud

    so true

    so true

    We have definitely seen this at our house before;)


    Yes! Perfect! lol