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  • Judi Collins

    Yet another use for upside-down muffin tins -- bacon bowls! Use taller, king-size muffin pan. Heat oven to 400 and mold foil around each shape. Criss-cross 2 strips of bacon across the top, and wrap 3 slices around the sides, weaving the first two strips through the side strips. Place muffin pan upside-down on a rimmed baking sheet, place in oven, and watch carefully. Cooking time will depend upon thickness of bacon. (

  • Bellenza

    Bacon bowl recipe for salads! Chic delish! #baconbowl #bacon

  • Rachel Perkins

    I don't really care about this site- that is a freaking BACON salad BOWL!!!!! I will figure out how to make that! The bacon bowl food possibilities are endless!!

  • Laura Mickler

    Bacon cups --We have stumbled upon something bigger than life! Breadless BLT's! Mold the bacon onto that backs of muffin tin or single servings stone...bake until crisp and fill with arugula and cherry tomatoes and be the STAR of your party, brunch, shower, or whatever:) Bacon=heaven!!!!!! oink.

  • Maggie Young

    BLT Bacon cups! Like a bread bowl but without all the bread to make your blood glucose rise!

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