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Glorious heaven for even slightly OCD people<---- XD XD XD Why so satisfying?

Words cannot describe the sheer awesomeness of this woman.

The Most Profound Things Ever Pondered In The Shower

Idk whats worse: the hilarity that this is so true, or that when he said "20 years ago" I thought like oh, 1970s - sure!"

Aww :( Poor Gabriel lol. Honestly I first thought of Gabriel from Supernatural when I saw that lol XD

Good guy teacher keeps his promise…

Love the officers at Guelph! Yes that's right, this was it UoG!

I really don't know how people take these "sexy" photos. I know that if I tried, I end up laughing hysterically and look like all the other people in this pin.

mind blown - Imgur I must go to sleep now because this made me laughed incredibly too hard

Afternoon Funny Pictures - 53 Pics

Oh look, a penny! This made me laugh a lot harder than I should have!

This made me laugh a little too much.