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CIS Affiliate Scholar Woodrow Hartzog discusses the privacy issues surrounding iris scanning.

"Obscurity is something which we value, but we often don’t know that we value it until it’s gone," said CIS Affiliate Scholar Woodrow Hartzog in this LA Times story about Facebook's Graph Search.

"What California does often ends up becoming the law of the land," said Ryan Calo, assistant professor at the University of Washington School of Law and CIS Affiliate Scholar.

University of Washington law professor Ryan Calo said “preserving obscurity is the best way to protect privacy. This is an example of a company taking obscurity away.” “It feels almost as though Facebook is trying to acclimate users -- even recalcitrant ones -- to a world of personal transparency,” Calo said.

CIS Affiliate Scholar Woodrow Hartzog discusses the use of technology to monitor teen drivers in USA Today.

‎"E-mail and its eventual successors are simply too important to be governed by inconsistent and confusing standards," wrote Woodrow Hartzog, a professor at the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University and CIS Affiliate Scholar, in an e-mail sent to Ars.

CIS Affiliate Scholar interviews Prof. Woodrow Hartzog and Fred Stutzman on privacy in social media.

CIS Affiliate Scholar Woodrow Hartzog is quoted in this Gizmodo story on the growing threat of ubiquitous surveillance.

The Federal Trade Commission has released a report taking to task the makers of mobile apps for children. It says apps are not transparent enough about the personal information they collect. It's the latest sign the Obama administration is concerned about children's privacy online. CIS Affiliate Scholar Ryan Calo interviewed in this NPR Morning Edition story.

“There is no satisfying general answer as to what the basic privacy rights are for social media users,” says Woodrow Hartzog, CIS Affiliate Scholar and assistant professor of law at the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, in this USA Today College article.

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