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"The Beatles part 4," by !Shot by Scott! via Flickr -- "I had such a great opportunity today. idotasia let me have access to the 'beetle collection' in the Karlsruhe museum of natural history "

Darren Naish, palaeontologist at the University of Southampton, says the fossil is “incredible”. Rauhut says that fossils of theropod dinosaurs, which include the genus Tyrannosaurus, are rare and usually fragmented. “The best-preserved Tyrannosaurus we have are about 80 percent preserved, and that is already terrific,” he says. The new fossil is around 98% intact.

from Phenomena

The Urvogel’s Old, New Clothes

The 11th Archaeopteryx, the "Thermopiles specimen" exhibiting incredible detail of the feather. Archaeopteryx is a dinosaur demonstrating the evolution that was occurring towards the birds we know today.