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And I've pretty much found this to be true. I like listening to people talk. I like seeing the light in someone's eyes when they really care about something. I like talking too, don't get me wrong, but nothing beats watching the eyes of people when they speak. In that silence, if you really listen instead of planning what to say next (pet peeve), you can hear so very much more than what they say. ~ Lauren M. I couldn't have said it better myself

If you get that gut feeling that something isn’t right about a person or situation, trust it.

#Supernatural - Season 12 Episode 6<< Afterwards Jody pulls Dean aside and says that she was stuck five hours in the car with them, listening to Dean tell, in EXCRUCIATING detail, about how he killed Hitler, BUT FORGOT TO MENTION HIS MOM WAS BACK FROM THE DEAD.

Yes. - (continued response) my fam wants kinda wants me to marry an Armenian guy, so I guess I'm kinda cutting up that expectation, but my cousin married an AWESOME American girl who, did I mention, is AWESOME, so I don't really know if they'd be disappointed in terms of race. No, you don't seem racist, love! I'm fine with you asking that. Though I have no idea if Armenian is a big "Oh, that's SO different from American" because... Well.. I don't look THAT different from being…

Emily listened as a group of friends talked about their family Thanksgiving traditions. “We go around the room and each one tells what he or she is thankful to God for,” Gary said. Anot…