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I look at my horse that helped me escape the warriors. I see that he has A mark of ice from my powers. None of my friends can help me or find me. Everyone knows I am a monster. I m Amber and has ice powers. I am 16 open rp no more than 4 people

My name is Fallon and I'm a maid in the palace. I was forced to work since I turned ten and it has made me bitter and regretful. I have been trained as a palace guard as well, I'm not defenseless. I am eighteen and rebellious, but caring and loyal.

"Who is the wretch James married?" Morrigan asked. "Do you not recognize her? That is Zoe, Surrem's second daughter," Jacquetta answered. "Great," Carmion said sarcastically, "we are screwed. Areha captured Mordred's heart. Zoe did not like that." "You think she is out for revenge?" "I do. And with James's ambitions... She might get it too."

This was so me when I was a little girl!!!...and I had a stick horse when I really wanted to get somewhere. When I was five, I graduated to the real thing...been horse crazy ever since.

This was perfect, because it mimicked the first episode when they looked at each other and realized they were in love.

Quelques images pour Illustrer et rendre plus vivant notre petit RP forum : If any picture is yours, just ask, and I'll remove it.