An Exceptionally fine pair of English Flintlock Duelling Pistols by William Smith of London circa 1806-1816. William Smith was appointed Royal Gunmaker to the Prince Regent in 1817, to King George IV in 1820 and shortly thereafter appointed Gunmaker to the Emperor of Russia.

Pair of flintlock pistols, 1800-1801. These pistols rank among the most lavishly embellished Neoclassical English firearms known. They are the masterpieces of Samuel Brunn, a leading London sword cutler and gunmaker who held appointments to the Prince of Wales (later Prince Regent and King George IV, 1762–1830) and other members of the royal family, as well as to the government's Board of Ordnance.

A truly magnificent wheel-lock pistol crafted by Daniel Sadeler, Royal gunmaker to the Duke of Bavaria. Circa 1605.

Very rare brace of English silver-mounted three-barrelled flintlock revolving pistols, by William Jover, London, ca 1776

An exceptional pair of highly important, English flintlock pistols with Royal associations by John Knubley, London, ca 1786-87.

Very rare brace of English silver-mounted three-barrelled flintlock revolving pistols, by William Jover, London, ca 1776 .


Double barrel flintlock pistol with folding bayonet presented by King George III to Sir Henry Clinton, commander of British Forces during the American Revolution. Pistol crafted by Robert Wogdon of London in 1760.

A Pair of English Flintlock Holster Pistols by Andrew Dolep, London, circa 1700

An English flintlock bayonet pistol by Alexander Wilson - early 19th century

An all-metal flintlock wender pistol, Tula, 2nd half of the 18th century, Russia.

A rare flintlock pistol, part of the garniture of firearms made for "general Mikhail Krechetnikov", Russia, last quarter of the 18th century.

English Marked Silver Inlaid and Damascus Barreled Percussion Pistol -A) Baker London Marked Single Shot Percussion Pistol.

Made by James Morisset (English, active 1768–1800). Presentation Smallsword, hallmarked for 1797–98. English, London. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Jean Jacques Reubell, in memory of his mother, Julia C. Coster, and of his wife, Adeline E. Post, both of New York City, 1926 (26.145.315a, b) #sword

Flint-lock Pistol Place of creation: Russia Date: Late 17th century Material: steel and wood Technique: forged, chased and engraved

A magnificent cased silver mounted double-barrelled percussion pocket pistol by W.F. Mills, London. Made for one of the children of H.R.H. "THE PRINCE ADOLPHUS" Duke of Cambridge, ca 1837-43.

Powder Flask, Bullet Pouch, and Spanner of the Guard of a Prince Elector of Saxony. Made in Saxony, Germany - c. 1600-1625.

English double barrel pocket pistol


Origin unknown, appears English in design, with a measuring wheel incremented from 1 to 10, floral engraved frame, and a checkered bag shaped grip with floral acce

Early 19th century English powder flask.