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I care    dont give up

I feel like the frog when I'm at Jiu-Jitsu. Not as much with my other Arts (Ninpo / Ninjutsu, Taekwondo, Hapkido).but definitely with the ground work.I feel just like this frog.

Leap of faith. Trust the unknown. www.elyseschaefer.com

Have faith.》my math teacher writes quotes on one of his whiteboards daily and he drew this :)

This is me all the way!! I’m really chilled I might even have my eyes low like I’m sleep! But I’m while aware to what’s around me! I’m very relaxed when I’m out and about but do not get it twisted!! I’m always ready! If your always ready you don’t have to get ready! I think I’m a smooth kinda of guy! Not fancy just white with some sweats and some crazy kicks on my feet! But I’m always sharp! And confidence!!! Well let’s say I’m blessed just be you  #Mindset #LifeLessons #MotivationalQuote…

Martial Arts quotes // Sports quotes // Calm, But Alert. Relaxed, But Ready. Smooth, But Sharp. Humble, But Confident.

Since I've had some requests for the template for the Scrappy Sparrows, here it is!          Right click on the image and "Save Image As...

Charcoal and Crayons: Scrappy Sparrows Template - I like the bird thing, will use this template for a lot of things!

right? they're always shushing me when I talk...but it's not like I talk when I'm actually practicing, only when we stand to bow or wait for the senseis

Thou Shalt Not Talk More Than You Train ~ The 10 Commandments of Karate Nerds. (Can be applied to any MA style.

If Jesus performed miracles today

Jesus holding fish and bread. I can't eat that, I'm vegan. is that bread gluten free? was that fish tested for mercury?

martial arts and mma humor post from Bullshido on facebook Follow Bullshido

Muay Thai knee techniques: powerful knee strikes and an effective knee combinations

It’s so true

Studying various world martial arts and related artwork.