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RobertForster_16JUN15_PhotoByStephenBooth_156-GENERAL-IMAGE.jpg (2333×3142) | DIY Studio-3142 | This is a computer cart I built for tethered shooting. It has a velcro strip on the side to hold cables and hooks for a lightmeter and the remote for the studio lights. The HDMI cable connects a large monitor. The shelf is for the camera while I'm adjusting something.

from Photo Snapping

Eternal Flame Falls in Orchard Park, NY [OC] [1863 x 3142] #reddit

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Boomer's mom says: Boomer is a VERY smart and friendly dog. He loves to fetch and knows all of his million toys by name. He loves to lie upside down in people's arms and have his tummy rubbed like a baby. He sneezes when he wants something. He smiles and makes everyone who sees him smile.