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Costume for Andronico and Asteria, Act I, Handel's opera, "Tamerlano", 1995 Glimmerglass production, designed by theatrical designer, Judy Levin. "Inspired by", NOT period clothing.

Hose 10th and 11th Centuries Hose were leg covering that were tied at the knee.They helped protect the leg, and provided warmth. Found at:

Byzantine Oval "Pillbox" hat - from a vendor site - missing the Perpendula (pearl or cut stone dangles) #Byzantine #garb #SCA

Keepsake Calico Cotton Fabric-Damask Blue

Keepsake Calico Cotton Fabric-Lace Blue Gray

Long half circle capes were part of male court dress, worn in place of the old toga over the new long sleeved tunica. The most notable feature of the Eastern Empire's dress is its surface decoration. Unlike the earlier period which left fabric largely undecorated, the people of the Byzantine Empire used all manner of woven, embroidered and beaded surface embellishment, particularly on Church vestments and court dress. This style of decoration, and many of the garment shapes, survive to this…