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Star Wars


  • Elizabeth Dillard

    Then: Princess Leia Organa Luke Skywalker’s secret twin sister (and the daughter of Darth Vader) turned from spoiled brat into brave heroine as she shot storm troopers, strangled Jabba and wowed a generation of fanboys in that metal bikini. - Xfinity Entertainment Programmers

  • Meghan Chase

    The 100 Greatest Movie Characters | Empire | 89. Princess Leia Organa | Why She's On The List: Star Wars isn't just a boys' toy - not as long as Princess Leia Organa is around, that is. Not for her the simpering squeaks of a damsel in distress - Leia is opinionated, gutsy and as defiant in the face of authority as her father.


    star wars l photo gallery | Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star Wars

  • Maria Johns Mattson

    Loved the Princess Leia double bun hairstyle!

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Rainbow Bright - i had the baby rainbow brite, the one from the first video. can't recall her name. but years ago i "won" an ebay auction- before i knew what ebay was, and scored a bunch of rainbow brite toys. they are in the attic and at my grandma's house in PA.

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The original 1959

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One of fav's as a kid :) makes me smile !

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One of my fav candies as a kid

Next to choice of candy in the 80's.

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gotta have the animal crackers ~ loved as a kid :)

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wore these in the 80's

Phone that lights up when it rings! Yes...I had one!

Hot Mega 80's wear !

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Back in the day i loved me some Penny loafers!

penny loafers..