tire swing

Tire swing early in the morning with fresh tomatoes from the garden or late in the afternoon after a swim in the lake!

26 Playful Tire Swings Had one of these in our oak tree as a little girl. Loved it.


My granny put peanuts in her Sun Drop while on the front porch -putting peanuts in your Coca-cola and enjoying it on the front porch....


horse tire swing

RC Cola and a Moon Pie

I heard this from my mother many times.....


You don't see these anymore.

Preserving the fruit ~ many Southern grandmothers used to do this out on the front porch

Flo. The original sassypants. Loved Flo & Mel's Diner, what a "Hoot "

cookie cutters

Remember hearing my mom wind this alarm clock every night.

Remember when this was the biggest problem you encountered all day?