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Disease and sleep: Recent studies find new links

Chronic sleep deprivation makes adults susceptible to degenerating brain diseases. Shortage of sleep has been linked to health problems as different as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Recent studies have found some interesting connections between illness and what is happening in our brains as we snooze.

1. “worry lines” a possible sign of an excess of liquid, sugar or fat intake. 2. Right vertical line between eyebrows – can indicate a weak liver. 3. Left vertical line between eyebrows – can indicate a weak spleen. 4. horizontal grove at top of nose – could indicate allergies or low sex-drive. 10. Prominent laughter lines – if you spend a lot of your time laughing then this is natural, but strong laughter lines can be a sign of pancreatic problems, or diabetes.

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Don't pop a pill, press your face

Face Reflexology| Map of woman's face : ...... According to reflexology theory, specific points on the face are connected via meridian lines (energy lines) that run throughout the body connecting systems and organs. Each point is mirrored on the other half of the face. By working over the face (excluding the eyelids) with the fingertips, it is effective to break down these deposits, boosting the energy, circulatory and nervous systems.

This is interesting... Acupressure is a holistic, noninvasive way to relieve pain in the body. If you have a sore area, you can address it specifically by finding the corresponding part of the hand. For example, for lower-back pain, press on the back of the hand right between the middle and fourth finger. Once you find the proper point in the hand, apply pressure for a few seconds. The results of acupressure are instant and in some patients, they are so dramatic it seems like magic.