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  • Lisette Schimmel

    #3d character #3d char

  • Adri Lombard

    Wish I knew who the artist is/was

  • April Mullins

    Vanessa Quintana Unfurling Vase, glazed ceramic pottery Ceramic, high-fired, glazed with black and red iron underglaze washes and spodumene (cream-colored high-fire glaze with iron flecks). Dimensions: 18” tall x 9” wide x 9.5” wideWeight: 20 lbsThe idea behind this is the shedding of skin to reveal the raw, natural state that lies within the boundaries and expectations of the traditional vase form.

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Beautiful pottery. I would love to own this

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Coil Pot. This is done in ceramic, but wondering if using an existing vase and coiling and gluing yarn or even old tee shirts would give a similar look. Turns this into a fun kid craft.

Edit: Have now found the name of the artist--the amazing Kate MacDowell

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