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    Ok here is a day shot. You can see the finished paint job. I use an exterior laytex grey base coat first. I then spray everything down with water and roll on white and moss green lightly. I mist things as I go with the hose to get the effect that I want and let dry. (trick is not to use to much water) I may add some grapevine soon and real moss for an even better effect. This graveyard started years ago with the tombstones. The following year we added a fence. The next year we added the


    Repinned from Vital Outburst clothing


    Halloween Decor, i love Halloween! These are pics from my front door and dining table from last year., Holiday Project

    Tried making a fog tunnel last year... didn't work. Maybe this will be inspiration to try again!

    I know I saw this on here last year, and tried it for this year's party. I bought a bottle of red pool dye on I took the cap of and cut an x thru the foil seal, and used and old facecloth as a "wick". Took the toilet cover off and tipped it on its side behind the dripped blood red dye into the tank and every flush was blood red! My guests LOVED IT!!! Here is a pic...and no, it did not perm. stain the porcelain, however I did need some bleach the day after to finish clean...

    Halloween Haunted Tree Tutorial..... super cool!!!! Where would I store this?

    Tutorial: Wrought Iron Cemetery Fence {} AWESOME AND EASY Using PVC, wood, foam board, hot glue, screws

    Black Classic Gothic Coffin Wall Clock Halloween Home Decor

    Demon monolith tutorial

    awesome DIY tombstone

    Black spray paint on red Dollar store roses Voila Gothic Roses perfect for Halloween -

    Gorgeous...maybe next year!

    Scary Prop - Love the out-stretched arm coming right for you! This would be a year round lawn ornament for me ;-)

    It has a foam head painted black and blue LED's inserted from the back leaving the foam undisturbed in the front. Black fabric was zip tied around the neck and just run straight downthen the cheese cloth was draped over the shoulders and trimmed coarsely at the bottom.

    gorgeous yard haunt!

    This is awesome!!! Weeping widow tombstone how-to...THESE ARE NOT MY IMAGES. I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THEM

    Static: What are you doing with your walgreens skeletons! - Many great poses and ideas on this Halloween Forum link

    primitive the black and oddly enough I like that wall color...already have the picture frame molding

    Halloween decorations to make - I spray painted an old doll house and added other spooky extras./ Not the same doll house, at all. Different roof line, different windows, black one is flat across the front. Why not give us a shot of the original and then the redo?