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  • Vivian Hane

    Fawn & #cute cats #Baby Cats

  • Kaleb Tillman

    fawn & butterfly #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals|

  • DianaDee Osborne Songs / Osborne "INK"

    Oh...this is sweet. It's art and not a photograph, but still excellent and peaceful picture of a newborn fawn / baby deer, an orange butterfly, and a flower. Notice the artist signature. #DdO:) > Would make a great jigsaw puzzle photo!

  • Stephanie Dominguez

    Fawn and butterfly enjoying the flowers • artist: Kelley Patterson omg real life Bambi!

  • Barb Cohan-Saavedra

    fawn & butterfly. Eyes like velvet.

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Butterfly [NOTE: I have seen TUNNEL VISION (by JT), and I question whether a future lover will chaperone me to waxing treatments for breast hair removal: "Is this even necessary? It it that serious an issue? It's not like I'm dying!"] *all I see is him talking to the practitioner as if a doctor, and saying, "She needs her breasts waxed." [I like how I am "obligated" to wax, while other females are simply committed and hairless.] *i'm just porn. *"Any requests!" "Well, you made my girlfriend..."

How can you resist that sweet face? This adorable baby deer named Pinot was photographed by Joshua Uhl.

Fawn. About the age of Clarice when she came to our home... Her Mother must have been murdered and she needed food to survive. She still comes when I call her to eat every day.

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Bobcat and fawn found each other during forest fire and have been together like this ever since... I cant handle how cute this is

.My Mom died three years ago today..5-12-12...she was 68..I was holding her hand when she passed..I miss you so much mom and love you!!!❤❤❤

butterfly sipping nectar from a texas wildflower | photo by minerva..

Bambi,That is so adorable.Please check out my website thanks.