• Brianna Tatiana✔️

    GREY CHEESE<< Black Fiber Twig? Um,<<<< Blue PJs Chips>>>pink Nutella haha....Blue Jeans Hamburger..wow >>>> Black Apple... xx>>>>pink chocolate eww>>>blue nachos O.>>> blue burrito>>> Red Chicken Sandwich ??? Ok then..>>>> Grey sweats Peanut Butter, Cheerio, and Honey sandwich LOL>>>>> blue hot dogs lol ;) «Black Pizza...

  • Skylar Maushart

    HOW FAR WILL THIS GO? (Add your band name and re-pin!)>>>>>GREY CHEESE<< Black Fiber Twig? Um,<<<< Blue PJs Chips>>>pink Nutella haha>>>> red blueberries>>>black crasins>>>>blue jean smarties>>> blue pajamas popcorn>>> pink sweatpants french fries>>>grey peanuts>>>>>polka dot pjs spaghetti>>>>> Denim Popcorn>>>>>>>black olives.... Hahaha>>>>>>Black Bananas..wat?>>>> black running shorts Cheerios...>>>> black burrito. Nice.>>>denim pizza ....>>>>>grey sweats cookies

  • Barbara Jean

    Blue Jeans Chocolate. Not my favorite but still funny!

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