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Create Your Prettiest Planner Ever: 47 Bullet Journal Ideas And Resources – Plum And Proper

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A Year in Pixels Gallery! Great spreads to track your emotions, day by day, in your bullet journal. Good for your mental health, and did I mention it's fun?

Oh you know... Just over here planning out my Level 10 Life in my bullet journal by boho.berry

Self care & life balance. Including a wellness & life balance wheel in your journal as a goal, helps you focus, monitor & achieve your goals.

Um Bullet Journal  é algo prático, personalizado e simples. Eu sou completamente fã desta moda, e já comecei a pouco e pouco a fazer o m...

mood page Fresh ways to track your moods with a bullet journal! Imaginative layouts, great inspiration for self care, like this pretty colored monthly tracker with botanical drawings. Each flower is a day of the month. So creative!

Esse continua sendo meu único jeito de desabafar : Foto

I have a whole notebook full of things and pictures that make me happy. When I'm feeling really low I pick a page at random and read it then I spend the day appreciating those things. Works every time.

2017 REFLECTION Bullet Journal Spread...Write down all of your favourites from the year, things your proud of, and what you want to improve on in 2018!

Should old acquaintance be forgotten and never brought to mind? If you have a bullet journal, you can safely say "No!" Try this reflection spread to keep track of memories so you can rock your improvement in

My Morning Routine in my New Bullet Journal

Transitioning to a New Bullet Journal (Part 2)

New_Bujo_Morning_Routine Wow my horror day routine. Mine's wake up from to or 7 ,bathroom&dress till 7 or breakfast toothbrush etc pack and off to school, wich starts at 8