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Love your pets! Love your friend's pets! Love your neighbor's pets! Love the pets of that one guy you saw walking that one time. He probably doesn't have pets,

35 Genius Parenting Inventions

Ba Baby Bottle Holder | 35 Genius Parenting Inventions

Its always confusing and difficult to be a new parent. But worry not, these clever products are here to solve all your problems and make parenting a lot more easier and fun.

Great insight into adoption!

As a middle grade/middle school teacher, parents typically want ideas for how to help their struggling readers. That's tricky, because I just want to say, "Read! Read! Read!" But I know they might need more direction. I made this hand-out and posted it, along with book recommendation lists, as a FREEBIE in my store for you to use too! Link in profile.

27 Underrated Parenting Products That Actually Work

Featuring Dr. Brown's bottles! “My nephew had horrible gas no matter how much we burped him or changed feeding positions. My cousin told us about Dr. Brown bottles and we were hooked — no more crying all night.”

Baby Proofing Checklist: What You Really Need

Don't overproof! Baby Proofing Checklist: What You Really Need: The top 5 areas/items that need to be babyproofed and reviews on the best few babyproofing products so there's no question. #baby #babyproof

32 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent

This bath caddy is padded so your knees don’t get all sore. | 36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent

It is so important to keep parents in the loop, especially regarding their child's reading progress. This product includes letters to send home to parents after testing reading levels. Each letter explains how reading levels are tested, where their child tested, and the expectations for that point in the year.

Lunch Time Book Club Program in the Library or Classroom

Lunch Time Book Club Program in the Library or Classroom - Everything you need to start and manage an elementary student book club during lunchtime (30-40 minutes). Includes book suggestions, discussion questions to keep the conversation going, printable management materials, parent communication, and more! $