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  • Sara Gardiner

    Historic Olive Market, Olive Street, Redlands, We called it 'the little store." Had an old fashioned meat counter where you would ask for 6 slices of bolone and the butcher would slice it for you...and penny candy...

  • Robert Strong Photography

    Historic Olive Market. Copyright 2015 Robert Strong Photography

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Comic Quest- East Citrus Ave, Redlands

The February view from Prospect Park in Redlands, CA. Not sure if I should feel warm or cold!

Robert Strong Photography-

By Gina Diaz

orange grove redlands california - Bing Images

San Timoteo Canyon

Prospect Park by Victoria Johnson

4th of July C-17 Fly-by Ted Runner Stadium. Lee Calkins

Looking down Cajon Street from the Cajon/ Palm intersection ~ Jennifer Braze

Prospect Park, Redlands. Romantic walks, lovely views. :)

Rainbow ~ photo by Tanya Miller

Citrus and Wabash ~ photo by Allison Zercher

Panorama Point Redlands CA by Gina Diaz | Photography

Gazebo at Sylvan Park

Ford Park

San Timoteo Canyon

The Edwards Mansion being moved: What most people do not know about Edwards Mansion is that it was originially located on Cajon St. During the 70’s the Mansion was cut in half, sold for a dollar to Don Wilcott (the current owner) and made the two mile trip to where it now rests on Orange Tree Lane.

The Lincoln Memorial Shrine - Redlands, California

View of Town from Smiley Heights Redlands California

High School Redlands California

Basin And Pergola, Kimberly Crest Redlands California

Edward Mansion Redlands CA

This is in Redlands, CA; wishin' it was my house!