• Melissa  {~|\/|~} Schultz

    Disney, Miyazaki, and Feminism: Why Western girls need Japanese animation {~|\/|~} I kind of wish this was titled "Why Western Girls Need Miyazaki Films". I do love some anime, but there are anime shows that do a lot of "fan service" and objectify women. Not all, but I have seen some. Just my two cents.

  • In Love with Japan

    Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli Wallpaper => Tis pretty much summarizes all the Films from Hayao Miyazaki. Just awesome :)

  • Fudzi Mtutu

    studio ghibli - Google Search

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Studio Ghibli movies. They've even included panda go panda, one of the less-known films. If you ever watch it, it's just SO RANDOM. And involves 100% kawaii baby pandas (adorable) You have been warned

Pixiv user marlboro creates richly detailed portraits of the characters from Hayao Miyazaki's films. Each art nouveau-flavored illustration is packed with images and symbols from each movie.

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