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This is what I do when I'm in a bad mood: -Talk to someone about it -Take a long slow walk -Think of the positives -Exercise(Relieves Stress) <-Trust me, it works! -Draw! -Take a nap -Cry it out -AD

You're never fully dressed without a smile! Who cares what they're wearing From Main Street to Saville Row? It's what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe that matters! Annie <3

Even when I'm an adult and I don't really like their music anymore, or I just think it was childish (it's not goint to happen) to like them, I'll still continue to love them with all my heart, because no matter what happens, these 4 (5) idiots just changed my whole life, taught me so many new things, made my teenage years amazing, but most important, made me smile when no one was able to do it. So yeah, NEVER!

HOW IS THIS THE SAME GUY Little Harry Styles is all grown up :(

I love ridding and listening to the music up loud and it's just me pretending like nothing else in the world matters!!!

one of my favorite things in the world (:<<<what about PLAYING the guitar yourself and singing along? THAT, my friend, is true happiness.

*draws a cat eating a pancake* this is for you Gerard