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  • Sam Wilson

    Prom proposal for white girls everywhere.

  • Emma McWilliams

    Cute way to ask someone to prom! Or formal. Or any dance.

  • P A ✝ G E

    Image via We Heart It #adorable #alternative #beautiful #breakfast #coffee #cold #cute #declaration #girl #icecream #latte #OMG #pretty #Prom #question #starbucks #tattoo #tumblr #want #wish #pumpkinspice #cookiecrumble

  • McKinley Lane

    Prom idea > Who doesn't like Starbucks

  • harryaf

    Harry will you go to Christmas Prom with me? @Harry Styles xx

  • Erin Clifford

    My future husband will understand and share my dire need for Dutch Bros. and, if he really wants me to marry him, this is how he will propose..... With a ring on the straw <333333333 hehe

  • Erin Isackson

    Creative Promposal Ideas | Prom Dresses Blog | Homecoming Dress News. So cute

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5 Ways to Ask a Date to Prom (Or Dance, Date) sad i can't do this anymore hahaha oh well...anyone still in high school take note!

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5 Ways to Ask a Date to Prom (Or Dance, Date)... WOW in my dreams

Cute ways to ask to prom

  • Katrina Kennedy

    A guy who puts any thought at all into making the asking cute in some way should not be treated like a jerk. It would be worse I think for him to just mutter "wanna go to prom?" and say "cool" if she says yes. That is face to face but there isn't any thought or tenderness behind it. The intent is what matters. Not the form it takes.

  • Amanda Sinfuego

    Everyone has the right to their own opinion c:

  • Katrina Kennedy

    If anyone bothered to look at the link they would see a bunch of really sweet examples (I'm not a fan of the Monopoly one myself). The point of the link is to show Many examples, not just this one. I am also entitled to my opinion that bashing someone who is well meaning is incredibly narrow minded and rude.

  • Amanda Sinfuego

    No one said you were wrong Katrina. If anything I was stating you're right in your own way. As am I, and everyone else who has an opinion about this.

  • morgancc

    Am I misunderstanding or is this what happened: boy changed his own contact name in girl's phone to 'prom?' then called? Why isn't that cute or thoughtful? Soo0000oooOOOO 2014 of him

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Ways to ask to prom.

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Create ways to ask someone to prom- Roses

24 Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Prom - BuzzFeed Mobile

Ballsy. | 24 Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Prom if someone used number 18 on me, I would not only go to prom with them, I would marry them!

  • Kaley Sellers

    Abigail Phillips

  • Cassie Bradley

    My friends brother just asked his girlfriend to prom by setting her room up to look like a crime scene with CAUTION tape all over the place with him laying "dead" on the floor and he made a poster that says "I am dying to go to prom with you" It was really creative.

  • Mercedes Ojeda

    Diana Alfaro

  • Anthea Deavey

    If someone did #18 with my copy of the book, I would pumch them in the face. Don't touch my book...

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25 creative ways to get asked to prom or homecoming<<< this should be how Niall is asked lol>>>> I would definitely say yes if someone asked me like this:)

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Top 10 Ways to be asked to Prom #9