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Was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding and now I'm the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding!!!

Before I die bucket list bucket-list have a perfect valentine's day with someone i love - Done! :)

Literally ONE my favorite things to do...for the men I've been blessed to fall in love with and laid on his bare chest I guarantee I've listened to his heart beat and been breath taken. Exhale.

have a natural birth. I will bring a child into the world the way God meant for me too! I am thankful for the sections that brought my babies earth side healthy, but crave natural birth!

That's a nice line- Even if it's not romantic/husband/spouse relation. I would love to have such a person in my life. *AM*

Working on all my baby lips and burts bees and Nivea lol my Nivea is close to gone

Fall Accidentally in Love. ...I've already done this with my best friend who was a friend way before we started dating!( I just wanted to share!)

finally was able to do it again (gave at 17 & needed blood back!). Donated last year and will continue to be a donor! Not only do i feel good about it, but i have a super rare blood type and have been called to do emergency donation at times! i love saving lives!!!