Antique Haviland Limoges Platter With Hand Painted Accents On The Double Gold Trimmed Blank #418 Haviland pattern features a spray of lavender pink flowers along with green leaves flowing up one side of this platter. This pattern is on a beautiful double heavy gold trimmed embossed and scalloped blank and is finished with hand painted accents. Back stamp is shown and this mark was used c.1894-1931. This china was made especially for Bailey Banks and Biddle Philadelphia $80.00

Antique Plate Of Haviland Limoges On The Double Gold Trimmed Scalloped Star Blank This Haviland pattern features a multicolored floral design encircling this plate and falling to the center at one point on a scalloped double gold trimmed blank. Back stamp is shown and dates this plate to the early 1900's. $40.00

Antique Haviland Limoges Butter Pat On A Heavy Gold Trimmed Scalloped Blank This is a very special pattern of pink wild roses with green leaves and accents on a scalloped gold trimmed blank $30.00

Antique Haviland Limoges Scalloped Bowl On A Heavy Gold Trimmed Deeply Scalloped Blank The Shape Of This Bowl Is Very Special! This Haviland Limoges pattern has clusters of pink roses along with blue flowers and tiny white flowers - all with green leaves on a deeply scalloped blank trimmed in heavy gold . This pattern encircles this bowl and is repeated on the outside . $118.00

An Antique Plate Of Haviland Limoges A Pattern Of Pink Roses With Green Leaves Encircles This Plate And Is Repeated In A Center Design, The Blank Is The Double Gold Trimmed Gently Scalloped Romeo Blank. $42.00

~ A Very Special And Beautiful Antique Covered Tureen Of Haviland Limoges ~ The Meadow Visitors Pattern ~ A Wonderful Pattern Of Butterflies And Florals With Hand Painted Accents - Each Piece Of This Antique China Features Different Butterflies - This butterfly pattern appears around the outside of this tureen and on its lid and there is gold accent trim on the handles - Back stamp is shown and dates this china to the late 1800's $240.00

Antique Plate Of T ( Tressemann & Vogt) Limoges France This Most Special Limoges Plate Has Large Pink Roses Encircling it. The Blank Is Embossed And It's Fancy Edge Is Trimmed Heavily With Gold. Back stamp is shown and dates this stunning plate to the early 1900's. $48.00

Set of 12 Beautiful Antique Plates Of T&V ( Tressemann & Vogt) Limoges France These Limoges Plates Have A Chain Of Daisies Pattern With Hand Painted Accents Encircling Them On A Blank With An Ornately Scalloped And Heavily Gold Encrusted Gold Rim. The brush strokes of the hand painted flower petals are quite pronounced making these plates most special. Back stamps are shown and date these plates to c. 1907-1919 $750.00

REDUCED - Antique Ruby Glass Bohemian Sugar Shaker / Sugar Castor - C

An Antique Cup And Saucer Of Haviland Limoges Pattern Is Schleiger #1153 Haviland Schleiger #1153 - A Wonderful Pattern Of Large Peony Type Flowers In Pink And White Along With Green Leaves Encircles Both The Inside And Outside Of This Cup And Its Saucer And Is Repeated In A Center Design On Both $55.00

FARAWAY ANTIQUE SHOP on Ruby Lane #antiquedoll #jumeau

Antique Sterling Silver Teaspoon Floral c. 1904

Antique Haviland Limoges Ice Cream Set Consisting Of A Platter And 10 Plates A Wonderful Pattern Of Violets Is Scattered Over These Pieces. $290.00

Sweetmeat Set in Box decorated to match from White Rose Antiques on the Lane

Blue Ridge Calico Helen Pitcher from White Rose Antiques on the Lane

Antique English White Ironstone Pitcher Ewer Kansas Shape - R

Antique Italian painting of the Madonna holding the infant Jesus. The Madonna and the little Jesus are the focus of the painting which is executed

Antique White Ironstone Ewer / Pitcher Sevres Shape - C

Antique White Ironstone Ewer / Pitcher Late Tulip Shape - C

An Antique English White Ironstone Ewer / Pitcher George Jones England Fuchsia Shape This Very Special Antique White Ironstone Ewer Is Absolutely Beautiful - With Floral Embossing Covering Most Of It's Surface. $340.00

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