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Eco-Tec's Ecoparque El Zamorano, Honduras. Ecological House: Constructed with 8,000 bottles with composting toilets and a solar water heating system. The green roof can weigh 30 tons when wet and has been supported by the walls without any extra reinforcement. It is the first house in the world made from PET bottles without using cement in the walls.

This "Stacking Green" house built in the noisy, polluted, & densely populated city of Saigon uses green construction, facade planters & a rooftop garden to protect its inhabitants from direct sunlight, street noise and pollution.


Underground House

Today's Employer of the Day is Maziar Behrooz Architecture. Check their current job listings at | Archinect

Originally built and designed by Richard Clements, the glass and wood clad Partington Point House in Big Sur, California was masterfully renovated in 1995 by green architect Mickey Muennig. Via @dwelling in the house Media #pin_it #architeture #arquitetura @mundodascasas