Lawrence Welk Show

Lawrence Welk - Lennon Sisters

Lennon Sisters on Lawrence Welks

Father Knows Best

Sandwiches wrapped in wax paper - this is the way we did it

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers for ‘The Roy Rogers Show’, 1951 One of my favorites as a child. I can still sing the theme song.

Doing the Twist...Oh, do I remember this :)

Lawrence Welk

1958 price list - cost of living (I don't actually remember this, lol. But it WAS the year before I was born.)

Dr. Scholl's 'Original' Sandal | Nordstrom

Minnie Pearl

Winchell-Mahoney Time (1965–1968) Loved this show.

Playing "Jacks"

Holly Hobby

Carol Burnett Show

Toni home perm Yep , had a few of these too!!! { gasp!! }

Pony ride...while your mom shopped at the grocery store

I loved this comic book.

we had these...but we never lit them!

Crane Scissors - Moorea Seal

Hostess Snowballs