Lawrence Welk Show

Father Knows Best

Lawrence Welk - Lennon Sisters

Lennon Sisters on Lawrence Welk

Sonny and Cher

Remember Topo Gigio the mouse on the Ed Sullivan Show?

Sandwiches wrapped in wax paper - this is the way we did it

The Mary Tyler Moore show

The Lawrence Welk Show. I watched this my Nanny.

Crane Scissors - Moorea Seal

Old Maid card game...I remember that face!

Minnie Pearl

Smothers brothers

1960 - when nurses wore hats I remember wearing a huge nursing cap!

I loved this comic book.

Peyton Place (1964)

with Buffy and Jody

WOW remember this.

The Carol Burnett Show

Fantasy Island

'Laugh-In' from the '60s was such a funny show. The cast used to crakc up over their own jokes. It was a precursor to Saturday Night Live and set the bench mark for comedy skit shows.