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  • Sydney Stripling

    Shakespeare's work reflected the time period of the Elizabethan Era. Out of all the forms of Elizabethan literature, nothing expressed the energy of the era better than drama. Shakespeare is the most known dramatist. When Shakespeare got to London in 1592, Elizabethans already enjoyed him. Shakespeare was known as a "complete man of theater". Shakespeare is known for writing action-packed romantic tragedies. Shakespeare is a master of the English language who also wrote poems and was an actor.

  • Beth Hoffman

    Though the attributions change from time to time based on dating and research, the common wisdom is that William Shakespeare invented over 1700 words, many of which we still use today. Some of our favorites: bump, first used in Romeo and Juliet, swagger, first used in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, obscene, first used in Love’s Labor’s Lost, and luggage, first used in King Henry IV, Part I.

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