Recycled beach chair hanging lamp - How cool!


I see a lot of toy or object-based lights in my future, but I LOVE ♥♥♥ this whale one (or dolphins, or sharks or whatever other toy you could find and paint white!) Design says it's done on a chrome steel frame. I see rabbit caging. hehe

Beaded Hanging Lamp - Buy a hanging lamp kit from the hardware store or IKEA. Use wood beads (natural, stain or paint them) with 1/2" hole or drill hole so they slide onto the cord easily. Cut off the plug and thread beads onto the cord to your liking. Rewire the plug and hang from ceiling using a hook. What an awesome lamp!

hanging furniture

An LED lamp made with two planks of raw wood

cool idea

luminária de renda

CURTAINS :: Hang curtains the new way! Scrap wood from an old bench, cheap hooks from Home Depot & sheer curtains

Awesome bamboo pendants! Love the organic shapes of these feature lights!

#DIY Hanging Copper Hat Rack... how's that for a hat trick?



Score + Solder | artnau Some inspiration for a unique lighting project. Although this was created by an artist, a similar feel could be created using a mini greenhouse, a proper base (either made or refashioned from a wooden geometric bowl). A person with stained glass skills could create an interesting sculptural dome and pair it with a wooden base for a unique table light. Score + Solder | artnau

DIY Eames inspired -bohemian pendant lamp



Concrete Lamp

ultra modern Hanging Pendant Light and Lamp design

diamond facet lamps in pastel / scandinavian colors

Hanging Plants