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The Empty Pickle Jar. Click above to see this 3 minute must watch video. Love this! I have always loved this analogy. Put the big things in first!

Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters,

Attitude Is Everything: Ten Rules For Staying Positive by Vicki Hitzges. $6.79. Publisher: Simple Truths, LLC (December 14, 2012). 112 pages

Smile for No Good Reason: Simple Things You Can Do to Get Happy Now by Dr. Lee Jampolsky

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When head and body move hairs & attached crystals send signals to the brain about the change in position. body uses that info to maintain balance. BPPV occurs when calcium carbonite crystals becomes unattached and floats into the fluid-filled tubes just outside of their correct location. in the wrong location crystals move when the head moves and stimulate neurons erratically which sends misinformation to the brain about the body’s position - causes vertigo as the body tries to maintain…

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