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    Keep Calm & ...Squirrel!

    Looks like Thrasher did...Poor Dug....Poor Thrasher

    Dug ♥

    I Was sitting here talking to my best friend, and this post fit perfectly into our conversation. I was like.. 'Its okay cause..' :-P

    A Bugs Life!! I'm going to say this to someone.

    I love this movie!

    Distractify | 30 Hilarious Struggles Dog Owners Understand Too Well. The 3rd One Sums Up My Life!


    Whoa...lucy tattoo... it even looks like her. $5 for two


    My thoughts exactly!

    so funny

    I love my dog more than most people...I love all animals more than a lot of people too...

    Fox and the Hound

    love this show!! I may or May not have put gas in the van, I was busy being hit by flying Mexican Food.... (Love this~!)

    Dug & Noops = ❤ 4-ever

    Disney Movies

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