I Was sitting here talking to my best friend, and this post fit perfectly into our conversation. I was like.. 'Its okay cause..' :-P

Dug & Noops = ❤ 4-ever

Dug <3

I love this movie!

Basically what every animal looks like they are saying when it has one on.

Keep Calm & ...Squirrel!

Awww That is so sweet.


Absolute Truth.


Really funny dog photo with joke caption. For more joke pics with funny quotes visit

The Vow <3

This made me laugh and cry. RIP Chico.: Dogs, Dog Paradox, The Oatmeal, So True, So Funny, Friend, Animal


I just found out that Olaf from frozen is named after a Scandinavian Viking Olaf the boneless! So it's kind of even funnier when Olaf says he doesn't even have bones!

Gilmore Girls inspired me to learn more. Stars Hollow Confessions

Disney Movies are for everyone.