This is exactly what I say when I meet someone I want to be friends with. Ellie has a way with words. Disney's "UP". [For more Disney news, tips, secrets, facts, pics and more, please visit my Disney blog: ]

#Frozen #Tangled Love <3

Dug. Disney pixar Up I do not like the cone of shame ): So cute!!

true love

Keep Calm & ...Squirrel!

true. hahaha but I still <3 mulan

Dug & Noops = ❤ 4-ever

Dug <3

Absolute Truth.

I love this movie!

Up the movie


How true:)


The Princess Bride <3

Love this movie

Golden Retrievers

They don't!

ha. <3

Any dog lover can relate to this - highlights the importance of leaving your dog in good hands while away