Sugar Paper studio via The Every Girl

for office

This is the built-in office I want for my small space office/den. The pull out table is what I love about this design.

THIS worktable...YES Atelier Stefanie Rathjens | Sonja Bannick Pictures


I feel like the many long, flat drawers would be good for keeping in-progress projects in. When you switch gears, you just get out another drawer and all your papers already laid out just how you left them.

A great looking artist studio.

Brand Stylist and Owner of small shop Erika Brechtel #theeverygirl #office #inspiration

How to make a kitchen/diner in a small terraced house - awesome idea!

office space!

craft space #craft

Awesome home office/craft desk.


Freestanding chalkboard room divider via japanesetrash

Sugar Paper Retail Store, Brentwood Country Mart

Organized Office

If I had kids who I home schooled, I would totally want to do it in an inspired industrial loft space like this... Maybe we'd only use a chalk board and typewriters

The bottom of a closet is always a mess and wasted space...this solves that!

Sewing Studio

☆ creative workspace

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