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typography by kissmiklos for Ajándék Terminal - Graphic design and ceiling installation for a Christmas design exhibition, fair & auction #GraphicDesign

Ajándék Terminal - AT Xmas / 2013 by kissmiklos, via Note to Self

Unique numeral design with almost a calligraphic feel, creating unity in the design by one swash, and visual interest by the open "0" —Prof. Zeller

I am celebrating the number 4 today 2/21/2014 as it signifies how much weight I lost this week!! I am now down to 228! The last time I saw that # was when my weight was going up I am more motivated and excited to watch the scale keep going down and my health to keep going up

Okay guys I'm changing my name to my nickname (Ann) when I get back from school. I usually use my nickname because I prefer it over Annabeth, but I thought some of you might think it was cool that a fictional character is named after me!!! (Jk my names just Annabeth and I was born before Annabeth was in the books.)

Cut Out . by Simon C Page. / this is innovation with type at it's best. #graphic_design #innovative #typography