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Panel | Netherlands or Great Britain, made ca. 1680, This is part of a very unusual wall decoration. Embossed leather was a fashionable wall covering at this date, but the flock wallpaper is the earliest example to be found in this country. There is no other known example of panels of leather and flock hung in alternating panels in this way.

Before there was wallpaper there was gilded leather. Wealthy homeowners decorated their walls with panels of leather such as these. Gilded leather is a bit of a misnomer. It's actually leather covered with a silver foil. To keep the silver from oxidizing a varnish was applied that gave it a golden color.

6 Gorgeous Made-in-America Wallpapers

Printed on the same surface press that York has operated in Pennsylvania since 1895. Paper in Gold on Sapphire, by Ronald Redding.

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