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Wanderer Print 5 by RISINGgoods

spaced out + small type.

Sulfur city #graphic #3d character #3d char| http://3dchar.blogspot.com

Brand board

I would love for this to be a room scheme!

Adorable business logos by Dear Miss Modern Instant Logos

soft colors, don't love the "Southern" typography or "This is Fiction" -- both are too caricature, I think. New Orleans is closer, but flourishes are too cute. I like the geometrics, but probably not timeless enough.

The combination of water color and typography is elegant and simple. The large page numbers stand out to the reader and create a unique spread.

Unique Tri-Fold Brochure

Elementos Argentinos / Bunker 3022

Architecture and editorial project made for "Talent for Tiles" competition. Layout by Mauro De Donatis

Type layout

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