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Home Remedies for an Allergy Cough

Cough is a very common condition and is of two types viz. dry cough and wet cough. Wet cough is a type of cough which is associated with mucus or phlegm.

10 Quick Home Remedies For Ear Infection

This is NOT an "ear infection", which is otitis media (infection of middle ear), this is OTITIS EXTERNA (external ear infection of the canal), aka swimmer's ear

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Ankle Swelling After Sprain

A sprained ankle not only triggers excruciating pain and swelling, but it can also cause temporary loss of mobility. The ligaments which are located just above

12 Home Remedies and Recipes for Coughs

Home Remedies for Coughs - help for dry cough, hacking cough and croupy cough. All natural cough and sore throat care. Cough remedies safe for children. The comments also list great ideas AND a recipe for Thieves Oil.

10 natural remedies for swollen feet | #BabyCenterBlog

10 natural remedies for swollen, pregnant feet

How to Find Information on Natural Remedies take Epsom salt baths several days per week to relieve muscle soreness, joint pain and detox toxins from your body.

Home remedies for the common cold, including a recipe for homemade cough syrup and a DIY nasal rinse.

Home remedies for the common cold, including a recipe for homemade cough syrup for kids older than (honey, ginger, and lemon) and a DIY nasal rinse.

26 home remedies for bee sting

Natural remedies: 26 Home Remedies for Bee Stings. [I am deathly allergic to many kinds of stings. Please use COMMON SENSE when treating bites and stings of any kind. If the reaction is unusual - SEEK MEDICAL HELP.

9 Essential Oils with Huge Health Benefits. I would add a #10 to this list as Oregano Oil has multiple uses as a pain reliever, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and an immune stimulant. My house will not be without it!

Do you use lavender essential oil? Lavender oil is one of the most versatile essential oils. If you have never used essential oils in your home or for healing purposes, and want to give them a try, then lavender oil is a great place to start!

A Peel of Lemon Can Remove Joint Pain Forever – Toned

A Peel of Lemon Can Remove Joint Pain Forever A standout amongst the most widely recognized medical issues these days is unquestionably joint agony. Different issues can cause it like wounds in the bones tendons and ligament around the joints

A lot of people believe that finding out how to keep an excellent memory is a tough thing to do. You need to be on the keep an eye out for information you can utilize to educate yourself on how to practice good memory approaches; ideas like the ones in this article can help.

Beautify Your Memory With These Tips

Herbal Remedies For Warts

Herbal remedie for warts ***Bloodroot, Caster Oil, or DANDELION MILK! Soak wart in warm water for a few mins. Soak wart with Dandelion milk everyday till wart is gone.